Website Design

A visual artist, VW required a much more compelling and interactive website to showcase installations, objects and ideas. Working together we produced a beautiful site that offers the flexibility needed to manage the growing collection of work and at the same time provide a place where people could take a step deeper into each piece.

We created a website with 2 goals in mind: provide a user friendly way for the founder to showcase ongoing exhibitions and projects and for users to gain a deeper understanding into the complexity and connectedness of adoption.

I'm an artist with high standards for visuals

I cannot recommend Elisa enough. We did a complete overhaul of my ancient and hopelessly outdated website.

I’m an artist with high standards for visuals: the result is gorgeous and it’s easy to use.

Elisa was consistently immediately responsive and delivered on every detail. Patient, thorough and professional, she was pleasure to work with.

I’m delighted to continue to enlist her help with the more complicated website updates.