We recently redesigned the Kicker site.

Kicker is a “non-news, news” source for 14-24 year olds. The site not only offers an important daily story, what to expect in the coming week, but many of the contributors are youths. The site needed a current, edgy and “non-newsy” look to appeal to the right crowd. There also needed to be an easy way for readers to take action and then get involved with a particular issue.
From the site: Kicker is a place where you can “opt out of the crazy news cycle and find out about what’s really important. You won’t find breaking news on Kicker. Being first is over anyway. Instead, we provide a daily must-read that gives you an overview of the most pressing issue or event of the day, along with ways to go deeper if you want.”

– Brand guidelines
– Website design
– Printed materials: postcard, t-shirt, posters
– Social media advertisements
– Pitch Deck